Build your audience by socializing smarter

Spread the word without a hassle so you and your team can get back to business.

Plor takes the stress of managing all those social media accounts off your shoulders. Less time posting or tweeting and more time relaxing.

Tools designed for you
Schedule Posts

Post whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like, as many times as you'd like.

Create Drafts

Draft posts to store for later so you can review them with your team.

Manage Accounts

People management can get messy. Like eatting chicken wings! Use tools to easily govern all your memebers.

Integrate Platforms

Are you a social butterfly? We support Twitter and Facebook, and we're adding more platforms soon!

Built by ex(plor)ers

Our team is composed of two friends (and an awesome dog) working day and night until this service is plorfect.

We believe services in this space aren't quite there yet. We felt there was an opportunity to build the best tool to help small and large buisinesses share their gifts with the world.

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